a.k.a The Mission Statement.

< C A S T L E C Y B E R S K U L L is an extension of myself in digital format, frozen in time in the year 1997, yet still moving forward as if nothings really changed. I like to call it an "Art Piece" that's also a functioning website/blog [you can quote me on that].

My concept for this site was to create a nostalgic, U s e r E x p e r i e n c e that resurrected the "Personal Website" aesthetic from the rotting cobwebs of nineties internet. I always loved the old internet... I lived it, I miss it. Thanks to sites like Tumblr and Neocities, Net Deco is still thriving and I think it's a GREAT time for it to make a comeback.

I started my own deep-cyber archaeological dig in the wasteland of old Geocities pages¹. I went through over a thousand websites (noteably Enchanted Forest + Area 51, my favorite old haunts) to snag vintage .gifs and gain inspiration. I highly recommend mounting your own cyber expedition and poking around in there!

As a v i s u a l artist, I've spared no expense on the design of this site. I want you to feel like you were transported back into the nineties, but it also needed to reflect my own personal style as well. So I totally accomplished that goal. It looks like a 90s kid's wet dream. I mean, it's pretty fucking bad-ass! I've been wanting to do something EPIC on the internet, so this is my swan song.

If I could somehow make out with my site, I would. Now I know what it feels like to be Kanye West.


I'd like to thank all the people who made their own websites back in the 90s and early 00's (myself included). Go team!

I'd also like to thank the internet for exisiting; specifically in the 90s, and letting everyone go bat-shit crazy with it! And for existing.

And the 1990s in general, thanks also for exisiting! You were a great decade, man.

A very special thanks to the films, "Turbo Kid", "Witchcraft 1, 4, 5", "Mirror Mirror", "Mirrors"(made-for-tv-movie), "Crimes of Passion", "Sorceress 1, 2", "Caged Heat 3000" and "No Place to Hide" for being on in the background while I designed & coded this website (although I didn't get much work done)!

And lastly, big shout out to Neocities for bringing back the Geocities vibe, and hosting my site!!